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REVEALED! The hidden clauses car insurers use to save THEM thousands (not you)

The beautiful Bentley Bentayga personifies the very best of British design and engineering.

With prices starting from around £130,000 and a top speed of 190mph, a replacement windscreen will cost in excess of £6,000 for this sizeable SUV.

So, it’s definitely an asset which deserves to be properly protected.

PICTURE CREDIT: bentleymotors.com

Unfortunately, if you arrange your Bentley Bentayga insurance through a comparison website (or standard market insurer), they probably won’t pay for your windscreen to be replaced – even if it becomes cracked or smashed.

Let’s explain why…

Should a claim need to be made, there’s every likelihood that your ‘cheap’ Bentley insurance policy will contain a maximum windscreen value clause – restricting you to an agreed limit for replacement glass.

Most prestige vehicle owners are often surprised to learn this is just £1,000!

So, if your Bentley Bentayga needs a new windscreen, you’ll probably need to find the £5,000 difference from your own pocket to make it happen.

The reason for this is because cheap ‘off-the-shelf’ policies are often laden with clauses and warranties protecting the insurer’s interests – rather than yours!

Not surprisingly, most standard market insurers and those who offer policies on comparison websites don’t shout too loudly about this fact.

At Nowell & Richards, we make sure we do – because we want you to know about the dangers of under insurance before you fall victim to it.

Rather than sell ‘off-the-shelf’ policies, we listen to your lifestyle & needs (and understand your driving habits) before taking time to scour the market as independent advisors.

By tailoring a personalised insurance solution to suit you, we guarantee it won’t contain any hidden clauses or warranties that could trip you up.

It might cost you a little bit extra each month, but we believe the assurance and protection it offers is more than worthwhile – especially in times of crisis.

Don’t let your ‘cheap’ insurance policy turn into an expensive one, get in touch or call 01785 255514 for a free tailored quote.

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