Why a ‘portfolio approach’ to home and car insurance can provide the best value

Anyone who has achieved significant personal wealth will understand the need to ensure their hard-earned assets are well protected.

If you have a collection of cars or expensive art, or you like to acquire exquisite jewellery or watches, you’ll no doubt appreciate their value. You’ll probably also appreciate the true value of insuring these cherished belongings.

After all, you wouldn’t want the fruits of your labour to be put at risk because of an accident, theft or loss.

But what you may not realise is that you can save money and secure better terms of protection by placing all your assets with one specialist insurance provider.

At Nowell & Richards, we frequently discuss this ‘portfolio’ approach to insurance because we believe it is the best way to safeguard your:

  • Home
  • Contents
  • Cars & vehicles
  • Valuables
  • Jewellery & watches
  • Yachts & Boats
  • Fine art

By adopting a ‘portfolio’ approach, more favourable terms can be negotiated with an insurance provider because they’re handling more of business and can therefore provide better economies of scale. The power of bulk buying (but with insurance).

In most cases, we find this can help to lower the cost of your annual premium by around 10 to 15 per cent – a significant saving.

Other benefits include:

  • One policy for every asset
  • One renewal date
  • Easier to arrange

Why should you choose N&R to handle your insurance portfolio?

At Nowell & Richards, we understand that time is almost as precious as your assets.

Trust us to handle your insurance portfolio and we will assign a dedicated Private Client Executive to manage your account. Not only will they deal directly with insurers on your behalf, they’ll also act as the first port of call in the event of a claim.

They’ll get to know you, your lifestyle and identify the assets you should seek to protect. Once they’ve identified any potential risks, they will find an insurance solution that’s best suited to you.

If you’re unsure how much your valuables are worth, don’t worry. Our knowledgeable staff are highly-experienced in this field – and they definitely will know their current market value.

So, if you acquired a Rolex Daytona back in 2005 we will know that this luxury watch has now doubled in value.

We know this because, unlike some insurance brokers (who won’t know the difference between a yacht’s keel and its masthead), we understand the lifestyle that high net worth individuals lead. We also take time to negate these risks by tailoring the most appropriate policy for you.

When managing your insurance portfolio, we will factor in all these variables to provide you with complete protection and peace of mind.

If you’d like to find out more about this preventative approach, please get in touch or call 01785 255514 for a free quote.

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