Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber risk insurance supports and protects your business in the event of a cyber-attack or serious data breach. Defend yourself from the threat of malicious hackers with a simple and comprehensive cyber insurance policy that reflects the risks your business will face.

Any business which uses laptops, tablets and other internet-connected devices to store sensitive data should consider cyber risk insurance to protect against the dangers associated with a cyber-attack.

If a targeted attack stole your customer’s personal information and erased business-critical data, it could have disastrous consequences. But criminals are starting to exploit technology to target vulnerable businesses which rely on computer networks.

As a specialist cyber insurance brokers, we understand the many threats different businesses face. Our specialist cyber liability insurance is tailored to your needs and any potential threats - protecting you from IT and security breaches.

Also known as data insurance or internet liability insurance, cyber liability insurance provides peace of mind in the event of a targeted cyber-attack. Should the worst happen, we can cover you for sensitive data loss, system damage by viruses, replacement equipment costs, ransom demands, financial losses, legal fees and damages.

Safeguard your business from IT and internet-based risks, choose a comprehensive cyber risk insurance policy and minimise the threat posed by hackers.

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Established in 1976, Nowell & Richards is a cyber insurance UK specialist which can help you react fast and get financial redress in the event of a cyber-attack. No matter how specialised your needs may be, our expertise will keep you covered.

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