Light Aircraft Insurance

Aviation enthusiasts love stepping into the cockpit in order to escape the rat race & enjoy breath-taking uninterrupted views. Protected by specially-tailored light aircraft insurance you really can lose yourself in the moment and fly away.

No matter which type of aircraft you fly, we’ll help you access a wide range of aviation plans underwritten by the leading UK light aircraft insurance providers – so you can take to the sky with confidence.

At Nowell & Richards, we take into account your hours on type plus the make and model, year of manufacture and value of your craft.

We also understand your lifestyle and take your flying habits into account before tailoring the most appropriate protection for your requirements

Relax and safeguard any type of aircraft – fixed-wing motor-gliders, gyrocopters, light aircraft, private jets or helicopters – with our wide range of aviation insurance plans.

Tailor your policy with N&R and we can provide cover for:

  • Private business and pleasure purposes
  • Displays and competitions
  • UK and European airspace 
  • All aircraft license ratings
  • Road transit and hangar storage
  • Theft, malicious damage or vandalism               
  • Weather events – fire, lightning & explosion                   
  • Accidental damage            
  • Third party liability – up to £5m  
  • Passenger liability
  • Personal accident
  • Medical expenses
  • Death and injury

For unrivalled impartial advice and expertise, call our specialist aviation insurance brokers on 01785 255514 to discuss your options.

Light Aircraft Insurance


N&R provides tailored insurance solutions for your personal and commercial insurance needs.

  • We listen and understand our clients’ lifestyle
  • We analyse the market as independent advisors
  • We use our expertise to tailor the most appropriate protection
  • We build long-term relationships and won’t forget about you
  • We take the lead when a claim occurs and resolve matters on your behalf


N&R has provided tailored insurance solutions for high net worth individuals since 1976.

  • We understand that privacy and confidentiality is paramount
  • We continually monitor the market and act as trusted advisors
  • We offer an advice-led approach, not a price-led approach
  • We have billions of pounds worth of assets insured


  • We work with specialist high net worth insurers to provide you with a tailored, robust insurance programme designed for your needs.
  • To discover what we can offer you, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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