Privacy Policy

The following is our privacy statement and will be subject to amendment at any time.

Personal information is information that identifies an individual personally. Personal information includes information such as credit history, income, policy or claim information.

Some personal information provided may be sensitive, for example physical health and the physical heath of others who will be insured, motoring offences and other criminal convictions.

Personal information may be obtained by Nowell and Richards directly from the person, from customer related transactions and from third parties via sources such as applications, transactions and consumer reporting agencies.

All personal information supplied to Nowell and Richards Insurance either directly or through a third party will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 as amended.

Nowell and Richards employees have access to personal information in the course of doing their work. This includes administering policies, processing claims or developing new products. Employees are expected to keep this information confidential and only share the information with those who have a business reason to know. Employees are prohibited from making unauthorised disclosure of the personal information obtained. Employees who violate our privacy policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Email messages sent over the Internet cannot be totally guaranteed to be completely secure as they can be intercepted, lost or corrupted. You are advised not to send personal information by email unless otherwise agreed.

Some information is collected automatically when you visit the site because your IP address needs to be recognised by the server. We may use this information to monitor and analyse how parts of our site are used.

Information may be disclosed to third parties including brokers, intermediaries and insurance companies.

Information may also be disclosed as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Telephone conversations may be monitored and recorded in order to improve service standards and ensure compliance with regulatory practices and internal procedures. Calls may also be monitored and recorded for staff training purposes.

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